Living in the Now

I made it! I made it through twenty-nine hours of travel. I made it through figuring out how to use my phone internationally. I made it through the car ride and the flights and the standing escalator thingies and a cab ride.


I made it all the way to my hotel in Bangkok.   It’s 1:38am (14 hours ahead of California time) as I write this, and I’ve slept about 4 hours in the past 30.   I didn’t pay to get wifi in my room so I probably won’t post this until tomorrow morning (my tomorrow morning; this time zone business is gonna get confusing), but I just wanted to pop in an say hi.


So far, everyone I’ve encountered has been incredibly helpful. Granted, the only people I’ve met so far are the cab driver and the people at my hotel, but still. I’ll take it. On the drive from the airport to my hotel, I had my cab driver teach me how to say a few key phrases in Thai. I have down “hi” (sa wad dee ka), “thank you” (kob khun ka), “my name is…” (chan-chue), and “how are you?” (khun-sa-bai-dee-mai-ka). I should probably try to learn more practical phrases like “where’s the bathroom?”, “how much?”, and “feed me now,” but oh well. I have an app for that.


Honestly, this whole experience is still feeling completely surreal. You’d think actually being in Thailand would make my trip to Thailand feel real, but nope… Not yet. I’m definitely missing home like crazy and it’s overwhelming to think that I’ll be gone for 7 weeks. But at San Francisco airport yesterday, I decided to focus on the immediate. If I had thought about being gone for close to two months, I probably would have lost it in the airport and been put on some kind of No Fly List (i.e., don’t let this crazy bitch on a plane). Instead, I had to focus on getting through security. Then getting to my gate. Then getting to Tokyo, and then to Bangkok, and then to my hotel.   Tomorrow, I’m going to focus on eating good food and seeing some temples. The day after that? No fucking clue. I’m focusing on The Now, simply because it’s way more manageable and will help me prevent a psychological breakdown. Always a good thing.


A nice Buddha quote seemed appropriate, on account of the whole being in Thailand thing

Taking things a day (or an hour) at a time is a good lesson for life. It’s crazy to try to figure out everything. It’s impossible to look at your life and know where you’ll be a year from now, or five years, or ten. Rather, I just need to focus on living NOW… Not a week from now, not a month from now, not a year from now.  Just now.

Alright, I’m off to go sleep.  Talk soon!


  1. Per the usual, I love this post and needed the reminder to live in the now. Your future is never predetermined so focusing on the now is absolutely important… Especially those of us who like to control things 😉 Miss you already!

  2. LOVE THIS! Please keep updating us on this, I want to hear all about your trip!

  3. LOVE!! Enjoy yourself <3

  4. This is excellent advice, both for travel and life in general. Going from New York to Malaysia was the longest haul I had ever done on my own, so I definitely understand needing to take everything one step at a time.

    Southeast Asia is absolutely amazing; you’re in for an amazing adventure.

  5. Wow, what a fabulous adventure!! I’ve done a fair amount of traveling, and without question Thailand is my #1 favorite country and where I always recommend people go. No kidding. Everything there is so friendly and genuinely warm, the food is amazing, and the whole country itself is beautiful. You will have a WONDERFUL time and settle right in. It’s not a particularly difficult country to travel around :)

  6. Carly, this is so awesome, I kind of live through you AGAIN my travel to the Philippines!! Gosh, I was terrified and my journey until I was in my hotel in QUezon City was plain crazy. So glad you made it and living in the now and taking step by step is perfect – ENJOY every minute, you will be surprised how quick this all will fly by. And you will feel comfortable and confident in this new country in only a few days, I promise!

  7. Welcome to my side of the hood- Hope things settle and you’ll find the CarlyNiche soon- you got this glen coco. I mean TT.

  8. that bed looks so comfy!! Enjoy!! I cant wait to see pictures! Thailand is on my bucket list!!

  9. This is amazing! You will have the best time ever! I LOVE that you have no plans – what an adventure :)

  10. RunCrush says:

    Woohoo, love this!!! A good reminder for everyone to live in the now. Good luck on your first couple adventures!

  11. Love it! We all need to live in the NOW. Enjoy girl!

  12. I love your approach! Definitely something that we all should be applying to our lives, not just those of us who have jetted off to Thailand 😉 Enjoy your first few days!

  13. angelika says:

    Good work, you! This is an experience you will NEVER forget!

  14. When I left to study abroad I really struggled for the first week or so when it first hit me that I would be gone for FOUR months. But once I got into the groove of things and met people and wasn’t overly tired from traveling I almost forgot that I was ever home sick and it wasn’t until I actually returned home that I realized fully that I was prancing around Europe for four. full. months.

    I love the way you’re looking at everything and I promise the home sickness will go away. This is going to be an INCREDIBLE experience and I’m truly excited for you.

  15. I’m thrilled you made it, although I’ve already seen that on Instagram. Embrace the now. Go have yourself a good time.

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