Easter Weekend

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and a great (or at least bearable) start to your week.

I’m coming off of an amazing weekend at home.  Jake also came up for the weekend and it was amazing to see him!  I miss that guy already.  I don’t really have pictures from the first part of the weekend, but I do have a shitton of pictures from Easter Sunday, so I’ll share those.  Growing up, my family celebrated Easter and Passover, both as cultural traditions rather than religious ones.  So for us, Easter is about chocolate, green bean casseroles, and lots (and lots and lots) of family time.  I love it.

The day started with Easter baskets.  Yes, we still get Easter baskets.  My mom informed me that we’re going to keep getting baskets until we have kids (<< “we” meaning me, Jake, and Jesse AKA brother).  I can’t think of a better reason to postpone childbearing for at least two hundred more years.

IMG_1796 IMG_1801

Later that morning, I headed to the gym with Mama for a 30 minute workout.  I spent my half hour on the elliptical listening to Dane Cook Pandora and watching Sex & the City on the TV.  MULTITASKING HOLLA.


I also posted this Instagram video of me and Doug E Fresh (Dad) boxing.  It’s one of my favorite workouts!  I used to be super into it in high school but I don’t have a boxing gym anymore, sadly.  I really need to do more of it because it makes me feel like a badass woman… Like a mix of Beyonce and Hilary Clinton and a kangaroo (<< because of the punching).

Finally, after showering and getting ready, appetizers were put out.

Cream cheese + chili sauce with wheat thins…


Flatbread, fontina, herb cheese, and apples…


And then, DINNER!  I skipped the ham and the spinach salad (hardboiled egg, yuck), but piled by plate with party potatoes, green bean casserole, and soy sauce glazed carrots.  OHHHH MY BELLY YES.  YES YES YES.


Lots of relaxing, lovin’ and food coma-ing.

Does that off-center necklace make your anal-retentive senses want to explode?

IMG_1821 IMG_6691 IMG_1822

Since it was a ridiculously gorgeous day, a bunch of us headed down to the neighborhood park.  Ahh, the joys of home.  We played some b-ball (H-O-R-S-E)… I won.

And by “won” I mean “lost.”  Because I can’t jump or catch things or throw things or dribble things and I really don’t have that whole competitive streak that people talk about.


I made my brother practice ice skating moves with me.  Minus the ice skates.

So elegant, I know.



I headed home early Monday morning.  The day flew by, but it’s always hard adjusting to “real” life after a weekend at home.  But what can you do?  Time to bust out another week (week four!  of ten!  and then i’m done!  shit…), amiright?


What’s your favorite holiday food?  Party potatoes are up there for me… It’s potatoes, cheese, sour cream, cheese,  cream of chicken soup, onion, cheese, cheese, cheddar cheese, and cornflakes on top.  Baked to artery-clogging perfection.

Have you ever boxed?  What workout makes you feel like a straight up badass?  


  1. I was just about to ask what party potatoes where and then read what it was. Amazing. Party in my mouth please.

    Love the sibling figure skating shots…my sister and I did that when we were younger and in a swimming pool….because I was the one to be lifted up and thrown to do triple sauerkrauts or whatever they are called.

    • I knew you’d love the party potatoes, my fellow potato lover <3.

      Whoaaa triple sauerkrauts? You're amazing. #foodieiceskating.

  2. I love my moms hash brown casserole! It’s similar to party potatoes and makes me so happy!

  3. Remind me to never get in a fight with you 😛 I -kind of- used to do some boxing (we had a punching bag in the basement when I was growing up), but it’s been ages since I’ve done anything like that and I have a feeling my upper body strength is a little… lacking. And I’m not quite ready to talk about Easter food yet… still digesting it 😆

    • I’ll remind you next time things get heated. Haha! Omg, my upper body was sore for days after that workout! Insane!

  4. that boxing. badass.
    not a party potatoes fan. i know.

  5. Potatoes are pretty much the best food ever, especially when they’re doused in butter and cheese so I agree. My mom also told me that Santa will come visit until she has grandchildren… and she wonders why she’s not a grandma yet 😉

  6. Um, are we the same person? I also celebrated both holidays growing up, with massive amounts of green bean casserole. And I boxed with my dad in high school. And I look just like my mom. And she still gives me and my brother Easter baskets…although she hasn’t mentioned anything about when she’ll stop doing so. Glad you had a great weekend!

  7. angelika says:

    Same as you. Cheesy taters to the nth degree. And also dessert. Of any kind.

  8. Bring your party potato self over hurr and let’s box! I want to learn your intense moves. Lucky you have Doug-e-fresh to punch up. And I am jealous of that beautiful Easter basket- I am a Passover/Easter/celebrate everything kind of Jew and I miss my parents hooking me up with Reese’s!

  9. I’m the biggest wimp EVER but I would LOVE to learn how to box. Probably because I’d finally feel like a badass :)

  10. I love so many things in this post – the ice skate figures – geez, my brother would purposely let me crash on my face. And the photo of Jake and his Easter basket! Little boy. So cute.
    AND you are such a sexy badass chick in this boxing video. I was in the box-club here in the city for one year. I fed when they wanted to get me into the Swiss championships. Sad!

    • Hahaha, sounds like you and your brother have a sweet relationship ;). Omg Lucie that’s so cool that you were in the box-club! Bad ass!!

  11. You sure do LOOK like a badass boxing too! That’s awesome. Running long distances makes me feel like a badass. It’s tough as heck for me, but I always feel on top of the world when I’m finished. I’m glad you guys had a great Easter weekend! Props to your mama for the awesome Easter basket that included Biscoff spread!

  12. I’m impressed with your boxing skills. I took a boxing class in college and oh boy was it hard! But I kind of loved it, even though I’m not very good at it…at all.
    Ohh, tough call on my favorite holiday food. I don’t think I can pick!

  13. Niiiiice boxing skills!

    Those party potatoes are good! My roommie in college would make them–mmmmmm!

  14. Getting back to reality sucks. kickboxing definitely makes me feel like a badass too. So. Much. Fun. Glad you had a great weekend at home :)

    • Reality is lame ;). I used to love teaching kickboxing at the gym, but I’m not teaching it this quarter. Wahh!

  15. I would love to get into boxing one day. It seems really fun.. and intense.. and badass.. 😀

  16. I still love that boxing video. You are a total bad ass, and I want to learn because I’m a bad ass as well. Obviously.
    Love the cheese platters, love the family time, and love the reason to put off having kids. It totally counts as valid in my book. :)

  17. 1. I’m so effing jealous! Why don’t I still get an Easter basket…especially one filled with TJ’s goodies! Maaaaaaa-OMMMMM?!?!
    2. I didn’t see that video on IG…dayyyyyyum girl! You is killer! And screw Beyonce and Hillary Clinton, I’m totally seeing J-Lo right now! Boxing totally makes me feel badass, but I don’t have even HALF the amount of form/grace/mojo as you! 😉
    3. Party potatoes…omg, I need someone to make those for me…because I would never eat them if I made them myself! Lol!

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