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Blogging is just the weirdest thing.  It’s kind of like putting your diary out on the Internet for everyone to see, minus the heart-dotted “i”s and scribbles about Avril Lavigne (my role model), Ashton Kutcher (my dream guy), and the bitch from 5th grade (who I actually called a bitch in my diary… I liked testing out swear words in there).


Lately, I feel like I’ve lost my blogging “spark.”  Due in part to my April goals — move more, sleep more, play more — I’ve had less time for blogging and all that goes along with it.  Less time for writing posts and taking pictures… Less time for reading blogs and responding to comments… Less time to manage Facebook and Twitter and all of the other crazy social media channels.

Less time is one thing, but there’s more…

I also don’t need as much validation lately.  We all know that blogging is a great place to get Internet friends to validate your diet, your exercise regimen, your body, your beauty, your comedic genius.  Lately though, I don’t crave that online validation as much.  I don’t need anybody to tell me that my lifestyle is acceptable.  I don’t need anybody telling me that size 10 jeans and cheese for dinner and choosing Netflix over the gym is okay.  I can do it myself, see?  I mean, I still crave real-life validation, but baby steps, right?


Another thing: The “HLB” world.  I’ve talked about how crazy Healthy Living Bloggers can be (myself included!) but lately, I’ve been kind of fed up with some of the blogs I used to read, love, and follow.  Some blogs, I just stopped identifying with… So I unfollowed.  Others made me feel judged or wrong or dumb… So I unfollowed.  Some were giving off negative vibes… So I unfollowed.  And a few blogs seemed like big fat lies… So I unfollowed.   Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow.


Oh, and the blogs that I still read and love?  Haven’t really been commenting on those, either.  Sorry, guys.  Still love you all.  Be back soon.

Lately, blogging has fallen to the bottom (okay, maybe the middle) of my list.  I’ve been spending time with friends.  I’ve been planning for a big summer adventure.  I’ve been soaking up my last classes as an undergrad.  I’ve been sleeping a semi-normal amount and exercising  few times per week.  I’ve been watching Netflix.  I’ve been figuring out what the hell to do with my life (<< through the process of elimination which isn’t super efficient, but still).

Don’t worry; I’ll still be around these parts, but I’ll probably keep it to 3-4 times per week.  It’s working for now.  If you need me, I’m always posting on Instagram, so we can def hang out there.  Also, feel free to send me an email even though I always take my sweet time responding.  I promise, I’ll respond!

So for now, living life > blogging, although I still love this blog and all of you.  If I could, I would put together an epic cheese & wine party and invite you all over.  Just wanted you to know.

PicMonkey Collage

Scenes from the weekend.


How many blogs do you read per week? 

Do you ever feel guilty unfollowing certain blogs?

Favorite/least favorite part about blogs & blogging?


  1. Yeah! Real life is definitely more important than the blog life….I mean – it’s real life. 3-4 times a week is a great schedule lady! I don’t even make it 4 times a week sometimes.
    I read the blogs I love daily, if I can – if I can’t then too bad. I think every blogger knows how time consuming it all can be, so no need to feel guilty!!

  2. This is my favourite post of yours to date, TT- It is REAL. (sorry, but suffer this validation, or build a bridge and get over it).

    There are some bloggers out there who clearly need this validation and transform their blogs to something they are clearly not.

    I also cleaned up my bloglovin the other day again. No shame. No apologies.

    I’m lucky to have other bloggers open my eyes to the deceitful bloggers out there- and it’s ironic how common it is. Like this one blog called snack therapy.

    • Omg, stop it with the validation! It’s killing me! I can’t! (JK keep it coming.)

      You’re wonderful. Ugh, and don’t get me started on snack therapy. Bitch has NOTHING on spank therapy. Total rip off.

  3. I feel like I’m almost at a similar point. I still write my own posts because I like to get it all out there, but I’ve stopped commenting as much, I’ve unfollowed a lot of bloggers, and I don’t respond to comments right away. I just don’t feel the need to anymore. It’s almost like we use blogging to fill a void of some kind, and once it has been filled, it gets pushed to the side. That’s how it feels to me anyways. I feel bad when I don’t respond to comments right away, but I don’t feel about about commenting on other people’s blogs anymore. My real life is more important, and I’m sure people aren’t counting on me for my two cents. Great post :)

    • Yep, I’ve been doing lots of blog reading, but not nearly as much commenting. I just don’t have the time or the motivation! You describe it perfectly: the void is filled (#twss) so know I’m just living life.

  4. I feel really good after reading this, because I’m kinda in the same place right now. As the eating disorder is getting further away, the more I’m choosing ‘living’ over reading every blog out there, even though I enjoy reading different humans veiwpoints regardless of whether I agree or not :p ! The thing is.. following up on the few million blogs/bloggers I do love with all my heart is a challenge – putting it mildly – to fit in on a daily basis, so I’m pretty much backing off. I know that if I resort to pushing ‘life’ away in a move to read/post, I will be miserable.

  5. I definitely feel the same way. I had this goal to blog more. And in the past month and a half I have posted three new posts. Yay me. Ha. But, like you, I want to live my life and not half live it by documenting it while I live it. That sounds confusing, but you probably get it. I can’t imagine recounting every detail like some blogs do. It kinda takes the spice out of life. When I get an idea/thought, I will blog about it, but I don’t ever see me recounting day to day life or trying to post x amount a times a week. That just causes me more stress than I already have (which is a lot).

    Also, I definitely agree with you on the whole HLB thing. I notice that reading them starts to trigger me and I don’t need to go back down the road of eating disorders and hellish body image dismorphia.

    • Hahahah whooaaa girl three posts? Slow down ;). Kidding! It’s awesome that you’re out there living and enjoying life <3.

  6. Girl, I feel ya. I’m going through the same thing right now. I actually just unfollwed quite a few because they just didn’t do anything for me and I was sick of seeing the same thing all the time! I also found a few new bloggers that I’m excited to follow. There’s no right or wrong way to do this whole blogging thing, which is what’s so great about it!

  7. Another thing to add to the “it’s okay” list: it’s okay to live real life over online life. I used to feel bad for not posting if I was really busy that day or I just hammered out a crappy post for the same reason, but I’ve gotten over it because blogging is just a hobby. It’s like running–it doesn’t really matter in the long run if you miss a run (or a month’s worth of runs). It’ll always be there when you get back. :)

    Also, yes to being annoyed with HLB’s. I’ve stopped commenting on so many blogs because of it…

  8. I definitely don’t think this is a bad thing – there are some things that should take priority over blogging! And I can see where you’re coming from in relation to other blogs – I’m trying to be careful about who I’m following, because I really just don’t want to feel judged because I eat sugar or grains or whatever people tend to vilify. There’s a lot of orthorexia circling in HLBs, I think – which is sad, because there’s such thing as being ‘too’ healthy.

    • Yes, absolutely — priorities are good :). Ugh, and yeah I think the healthy obsession is pretty rampant. I’m not a fan.

  9. Sometimes I forget that my blog is just that…a blog. Life (REAL LIFE) is much more important than how often you post, that’s for sure. Keep doing you and what is best for YOU :)

  10. Um, I want those flowers to be a huge headband for me, please. HIPPIE SOUL! I’ve kinda lost my blogging mojo, too. People love me either way, right? 😉

    • Hahahahaha you would love my college town — it’s hippie central ;). Oh yeah, I love ya either way. Don’t fret.

  11. No shame in doing what’s best for you! I used to feel all sorts of guilt and pressure when it came to blogging, but I feel like I’m in a pretty good place with it right now. I love it for the most part, but when it’s starting to be a pain, I take a break. Miss you, lady <3 I'll stalk your face through texts instead :)

  12. I toooootally understand where you’re coming from on this! Blogging has been pushed to the back burner a little bit for me too lately. It kind of ebbs and flows for me, so I just try to roll with it. Life should always trump blogging so major props to you for doing that! xoxo

    • Geez, I have a hard time blogging with school and everything… I can’t even imagine finding the time with a baby! You’re amazing <3.

  13. I’m all about the wine and cheese party. Let’s forget the internet and just do that. xo

  14. Gotta do what’s best! I totally see what you mean, because I totally have been feeling the same lately. Now I just blog when I want, when I have time, and when it doesn’t get in the way of me living real life.

  15. I feel guilty unfollowing blogs if those bloggers frequently comment on mine. But I have before. If their blog is just not my “thing”, I can’t waste my time. I know that sounds really harsh, but I could spend all DAY reading blogs and still not read them on. My blogging time is limited, especially during the week when I work a full time job AND part time job… I just can’t do it all. So I read the ones I truly love and only comment on the ones I truly feel like I have something to add to the convo. I’m glad you’re okay with blogging less and allowing yourself to do it!

    • Yep, I totally know what you mean. There are so many wonderful blogs & people out there, but we have to pick and choose which ones to spend our time on. We definitely can’t do it all (although I like to try sometimes).

  16. I’ve been blogging less than 3x per week – but I’ve been living more, so whatevs 😉 I look forward to your posts (here and on Instagram) but hey – enjoy real life without stressing about being online!

  17. I’m going through the same phase. It’s so weird how differently I view some blogs that I once admired and appreciated. It’s like my brain has completely shifted and now I actually feel sorry for some bloggers (this sounds really mean but it isn’t meant to be!). I just want to see everyone going out and having fun, not being preoccupied with creating good recipes and posting about their meals. Once I realized that I started feeling WRONG for going out and having drinks and fries with my friends I began to slowly back away from the HLB world. I’ll still be around, because I care about a lot of the people I follow (even if they don’t care about me…another weird part of blogging!) but it will be much, much less.

    I’m glad you’re “doing you” and living life the way YOU want to. You deserve it!

    • Omg, YES! My brain has gone through the same shift. I completely know how you feel. I want to read blogs filled with fun, happiness, and bits of real life.

  18. I agree with ya my dear. I go through this phase a LOT. I feel like I’m already putting time into writing my own blog posts that I just don’t have the time to spend 2 hours a day reading other blogs on top of that. Some days I read more than others, but I am not consistent with my reading…I would rather spend my time living! I’m glad you’re taking time for yourself- and blogging 3x a week is really good! Misssss you

    • Oh yeah. Blogging is so much more than just writing posts — there’s so much that goes along with it!!

      Miss you too <3. I can't wait to arrange another blogger meet-up. Maybe sometime later this year :-*.

  19. I read WAAAAY too many blogs. Seriously.
    But I’m also pretty okay with unfollowing a blog. If I roll my eyes 2-3 times in a week? Unfollow. Bam. Done :)

    • There’s so many good ones out there, it can be hard! I’ve started unfollowing if I find myself clicking “mark as read” more often than not.

  20. I know what you mean! I read a lot of blogs.
    Sometimes I just don’t feel like it. I have my phases. Right now, it’s in the ehh…

  21. Good for you. Go live baby and two snaps for being totally confident in your own skin.

    For me, I started blogging as a way to help people get healthy, share my knowledge, my recipes and let people know veggies don’t have to be boring and boiled. Gross. Plus I’m kind of a hippie, and I wanted to pass that on. So I joined the HLB community, and it turns out they already know everything there is to know about healthy eating and they do it to the Nth degree, to the point where sometimes the food and waif like physiques make me cringe. There are days I think about departing and just moving into Food Blogger land, but I figure I’ve still got knowledge to share. Hell, people need to realize cheese and pasta isn’t the spawn of Satan, and thigh gaps are icky. So I stick around, and I think you should too.

    I also think you should do whatever the hell you want regardless of what I just said. :)

  22. I don’t have a blog but i do love reading yours! i can definitely relate to your thought about less “talking”, more living though. and i also feel that some blogs i’ve come across are indirectly asking for validation. if i ever started a blog, it would really just be a random journal of my daily life & thoughts. just putting things out there, but not writing for anyone in particular aside from myself. and in that case, i might as well just continue doing what i’m doing– tumblring!

    • Thanks, Eva! I never got into the Tumblr thing (still don’t really know how it works…haha) but that sounds awesome! You gotta do you ;).

  23. I am sort of in the same boat as you…and I think my little rut (not saying I ever had a true blogging sched) is stemming from the fact of actually things going on in my life and focusing my full energy on that instead of trying to stick into a blog post. For me, when a lot is going on, I try to step back – and I have been. 200+ posts in my reader? Whatevs. I just read a few every day and leave it at that. And yes. I’ve been unfollowing as well – and it feels freakin’ fantastic.

    • Yeah, I too have so many things going on in my “real” life that are vying for my attention… Blogging just isn’t doing it for me lately!

  24. You go girl! I admire you for realizing that there are more important things than blogging to you right now AND for recognizing that you don’t need validation. Awesome!

  25. Confession: I pretty much only read my friend’s blogs these days. AKA the ones I’ve met in real life or e-mail regularly or whateva. I agree with Alisha above that sometimes when I put so much effort into writing blog posts, reading them just feels like an additional chore! (See, I didn’t even read all your comments, I just went through to the people I knew… hahaha)

    That being said, we need to hang out soon. I miss your face!!

  26. I so hear you on the unfollow front. I know I’ve had a bunch of ppl unfollow my blog because 1) I post a lot of beer / booze pix; 2) I don’t post 500 times a week anymore (that’s the standard, right?); 3) I talk about academic stuff because I’m getting an advanced degree (sorry. I’m not making enough money off my blog, yo); 4) I write a lot about music, and apparently nobody gives a damn.

    Also, I will forever follow you because you’re my soul sista. You say all the shit I want to say but am too lazy (read: too busy sleeping more and playing more, but mostly sleeping more).

    • Hahahaha, well fuck ’em ;). Booze, <500/week posting schedule, learning, and music? Sounds pretty wonderful to me.


  27. Um, can I just say how much I love your blog. How I didn’t discover it sooner? Not a clue.
    Your writing style, your honesty, your sarcasm…love love love.

    Oh, and I can relate to this post 100%. The not-so-healthy “healthy-living” blogs are the reason I took a break from blogging a while back. I came back with a new mindset and a new set of people to follow. It makes it so much more enjoyable, doesn’t it?

  28. OooooooKAY…so I am officially all caught up! Oh Car…how I’ve missed you! I sat here with my dinner while reading all your posts…so now I’m out to leave a broccolibomb of epic proportions…you’ve been warned! 😉

    First off, can I just say that I LOVE you…like even more than I usually do…because this post is so spot on with how I’ve been feeling lately. Actually, ever since you first mentioned not really wanting to talk about food so much, I’ve been feeling more and more torn when it comes to blogging myself. Which is why I made the decision to post only 3 days a week in April. I have to say it’s made a HUGE difference and I’m actually thinking of keeping it this way for a while since I’m still not really feeling “compelled” to write much more these days.

    In the beginning, I felt like I was doing really good keeping up with stuff (blog reading, emails, responding to comments) because I was posting less, but yeah, something happened in the last couple of weeks (obviously since I’m just NOW reading this post) and I just stopped reading blogs. I still want to read…some of them. But I’ve honestly caught myself reaching for a book or watching a movie during times that I would normally designate as blog reading time. You know, I feel like saying that makes me sound like a dork. Oh excuse me people while I shut myself inside all weekend and get caught up on my blog reading…what?! So yeah, all that long-winded bs just to say that I haven’t been reading blogs…like at all. I have maybe 30 in my reader after doing some serious spring cleaning a month or so ago, but even still, I only read about half of those. Sometimes I feel guilty about it…and sometimes I don’t. I love blogging…the community, the support, the friendships that I’ve made, but at the same time I have to remember that it’s not “real” life, ya know?

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