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Linking up with What I Ate Wednesday to do a foodie photo dump, ranking style.  This is the definitive list of my food lately, ranked from least best to best (<< no “worst” because I only eat good food).

10. Apple & Carrots.

Yeah, apples and carrots are good… But c’mon.  It’s a freakin’ apple and some carrots.  Nothing exciting.  Moooving on.


9. Jack’s Urban Eats Santa Fe Salad.

Sort of a disappointing salad considering it was almost $10.  The chicken in it was pretty good, but overall, kind of bland.  Wanna know what wasn’t bland?  The amazing fries and the amazing-er company that went along with this salad.  But alas, no photos of those.


8. Cous Cous Salad

I made this when I was sick last week, and I could literally taste NOTHING while I cooked it.  Once my sinuses were cleared up, I actually tasted it.  Eh.  It had whole wheat cous cous, zucchini, chicken, onion, and bruschetta sauce.  It was edible, but the seasonings were weird.


7. Almonds.

Yeah yeah, almonds are delicious.  But calm down, they’re just salty nuts (<< #twss).


6. Trail Mix.

A slightly fancier way to eats nuts (<< sounds like the tagline for a dirty service if ya know what I mean).  Chopped up dried peaches, almonds, and sunflower seeds.  YUM.  Chewy & crunchy.


5. Yogurt Bowls.

Plain 2% Greek yogurt with strawberries, PB, and chia seeds.  GIMMIE GIMMIE.


4. Whole Wheat Wraps.

Looks lame, tastes like spring.  This flax wrap had edamame hummus and cucumbers.  Simple and perfect.


3. Chipotle.

Eaten with chips.  Lots of chips.


2. Zucchini Bowl.

Again, looks so boring, but tasted like heaven.  Sautéed zucchini, edamame hummus, and a whole wheat tortilla.  Somehow these three things made a heavenly combination and I’d like more right now, please and thanks.


1. Green Smoothies.

OJ, frozen strawbs, frozen banana, and fistfuls of kale.  Throw in some chias if I’m feelin’ particularly sassy.



Rank three foods you’ve been eating lately. 

What’s your favorite smoothie combo?  I’m always looking for new ones!


  1. I want the Wrap with Edamame Hummus and the yogurt bowl. What is it with yogurt bowls – they are just always the best of these posts. ANd sometimes not even pretty (yours is, though).
    I’ve been eating Sweet Potato Beef Burgers for the last 2 days and I seriously couldn’t stop. They taste so amazing. Oh, and Swiss Chocolate. That’s no news, I eat it constantly since 34 years through.

  2. Um… number 9- pics or it didn’t happen.

    How underestimated is zucchini roasted or fried? Those big veggies suffer some intense shrinkage but taste like Gold. And um..where’s the kefir? Thought you were BBFs with it.

  3. You ranked zucchini above Chipotle? I’m not sure we can be friends anymore… Zucchini is one of the few veggies on my hit list. Right there with eggplant…

  4. I’m with Amanda- zucchini…yuck. But I do love 2% yogurt- so underrated!

  5. imagypsylady says:

    Carrot cake smoothie
    Here’s the recipe:
    1/3 cup carrots (raw)
    3 tablespoons oatmeal
    Some spinach
    A frozen banana
    Vanilla protein powder
    A lot of cinnamon
    Milk to fill glass

  6. I like zucchini, but I can’t get behind rating it above Chipotle…(probably because there isn’t any around here so it’s basically the Jesus of food in my mind…I don’t quite worship it, but it’s probably uncomfortably close to that)

  7. A simple mix of flavors just hit the spot so well sometimes I’ve found as well. Get this: for the longest time ever I thought zucchini didn’t exist in my part of the world, until it was brought to my notice that its actually labeled under MARROWS here!
    Argh I actually can’t rank foods in better and best right now! Everything goes under best so I’ll go with just three best; doughy homemade tortillas. fancied up oatmeal bowls with PB and honey. chocolate chip muffins.
    I love my smoothies with nut butter, banana and cocoa powder.

  8. “a slightly fancier way to eat nuts”….THE BEST.

  9. CHIPOTLE!! Ours just opened last week. I am so so in love!

  10. Yuuuum. I want edamame hummus. And those wraps. dang, I wish I had a TJ’s near. Next time I visit the bf, I will be stocking up. Top three foods lately:

    homemade banana bread smeared with homemade sunflower seed butter
    Giant salads topped with leftovers (yesterday was moroccan sweet potato salad, edamame, and chopped veggies)
    Yogurt and fruit green smoothies

  11. Whole Wheat Wraps directly to me please! Aaaah you sparked a craving.
    Love zucchini, too! And I can’t wait to get my hands on some decent strawberries. That yoghurt bowl of yours looks amazing!

  12. That awkward moment when I saw the first picture in my Bloglovin feed and thought it was a baby with its skin torn off. (Apple = head, carrots = the rest?) i really can’t do this whole life thing right now.

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I really want to–some combination of frozen banana, honeydew, and… something else. I LOVE the refreshing kick that honeydew adds to juices so I’m going to try making a smoothie with it over the summer!

  13. I TOTALLY agree with you on the green smoothie part. Though I have to say…I am kind of obsessed with carrots 😉

  14. Favorite green smoothie: 1/2 cup chopped banana, 1 cup of almond milk, 1/ 2 cup blueberries, 1 cup of spinach, 1 cup of kale

    Favorite post-workout smoothie: strawberries, almond milk and peanut butter. AMAZING

  15. I love green smoothies! But I MUST be in the mood. Because pregnancy totally killed of my ‘always’ desire for ’em, it can be tough some days.

    Right now I am LOVING queso and chips, carrots raw, and salsa with anything…hence the nachos last night!

  16. Yogurt bowls, wraps, and Chipotle are my thaaaaang. Too flippin’ good! 😀
    I am going to dig out my blender soon to start making smoothies. It’s getting too hot right now.

    Loving anything with peanut butter. 😉

  17. Green Smoothies for the win! I am on a green smoothie trip right now too. And talking successful combinations: every since I started adding orrechiette pasta and salmon patty to my ratatouille I don’t want to eat anything else :)

  18. I just ate a massive sammich. Like, I’m pretty sure it was meant for two and I crammed the whole thing in mah mouf and I’m not sorry.
    Matcha white chocolate. The match makes is green and because it’s green it’s healthy. The end.
    Nut butter. Noms.

  19. Since my husband spouts off twss jokes every other minute, my mind instantly went there with all your nuts talk. Ha! Lately, I’ve been loving a mayo-less chicken salad and roasted sweet potatoes with ketchup. Loottsss of ketchup!

  20. Three foods lately (can’t possible rank them so will just list them here to pique your appetite):

    – grilled whole wheat sandwich with chipotle mayo, turkey, havarte, spinach, cukes, onions, hummus. yum.
    – fresh pineapple.
    – cadbury eggs !!

    smoothie combo: frozen banana chunks, almond butter, soymilk, spinach/kale, frozen berries, agave drizzle, maybe some other random fruits on hand

  21. I like my nuts fancy and sometimes I like them straight up sloppy. How’s that for a tag line? Sloppy nuts.
    I heart Chipotle.
    Lately I’ve been eating lots of muffins, Davida’s Bruusels and blueberries, and chickpea salads for lunch.

  22. I just want to say, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and it’s climbing to the top of my favorites. You might be my favorite blogger. Wait, you are my favorite blogger. Your writing style is so personable and hilarious. And I just so appreciate your view on life/food/fun. It’s so healthy and balanced. Like, your blog is actually a HEALTHY living blog. And I so soooo love it. Keep doin you, girl!

  23. Yogurt bowls are definitely my favourite snack !

  24. I love the way you did this post. I’m a huge fan of yogurt bowls and chipotle salads. Mmm. It is definitely a weakness. Chipotle is right around the corner from my apartment.

  25. I love green smoothies too, and I’m hoping to bring them back more since it’s warm again!

  26. Hahahaha… Apparently my life is in shambles because I have only been eating crackers & cheese/dip, wine, and my usual breakfast of yogurt & granola bars. Just take one guess as to which one ranks #1…

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