Ask Me Anything Answers: Love and Relationships

You guys asked… And now I’m (finally) answering.

How did you and Jake meet?

Our “story” is so far from romantic.  So far.  Like, if romantic was the Earth, our love story would be Pluto.  Or maybe another cosmic mass in some other galaxy.

We met at a mutual friend’s house in high school.  Jake was wearing a white, Ecko Unlimited button up shirt that was embroidered with words like “lust” and “passion.”  Our first kiss was that very same night, and it wasn’t really a “Romeo & Juliet love at first sight” thing, but rather a “teenagers being teenagers” thing.  We ended up both staying the night at the aforementioned mutual friend’s house, while said mutual friend puked out of the window.  #romance #truelove #howimetyourfather

Sophomore 163

Do you think you guys will get married?

Who guys?  Us guys?  I’m not exactly sure which of my boyfriends you’re referring to when you say “you guys.”

KIDDING.  Yes, we plan on getting married.  But not anytime in the foreseeable future.  Our friends like their booze, so we can’t really get married until we can afford an open bar.  (<< Kidding again, kind of.)

If you could have sex with one former U.S. president (only one), who would it be?

 I mean, I could be cliché and say JFK… But y’all also know about my weird thing for Bill Clinton… And I wouldn’t say no to a little Barrack lovin’ (<< as long as Michelle was out of the picture, because she could totally beat me up with those guns).

 How often do you and your bf talk to each other? Is it all thru text or do you call?

 We both have all-over-the-place schedules, since I’m in and out of class and work all day, and he has varying work shifts.  We talk on the phone at least once a day, and text back and forth whenever we get the chance.  It works for us.  

Did you have an elementary school/middle school boyfriend? 

Hell yeah I did.  I had a boyfriend in elementary school during my Avril Lavigne phase, and we’d paint each other’s nails black.  In middle school, I had 3 boyfriends and the durations of the relationships ranged from 3 days to 3 months.  So things were pretty serious, you know…


No boy was immune to my hotness

Do you like being the same height as Jake?

 Hahaha!  Yes, I’m about 5’7” and Jake’s about 5’8”… But I never have to stand on tip toes to lay a smooch on him. 

Worst pick up line you ever got… 

Does an ass grab/boob graze count as a pick up line?  Because that.  That never works. 

Who was your childhood celebrity crush? 

Promise you won’t laugh?…

Luke Wilson…



He kind of looks like a mix between Steve Carell and Tom Cruise… Sexual dynamo.

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How did you and your significant other meet?

Worst pick up line?

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?


  1. Oh I love hearing these stories! I met my ex-boyfriend when we started Flight Attendant school at Swissair. He said: ‘Coffee, Tea or me?’ I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. Seriously.

  2. Can I just say that I am SO glad you shared the story of how you and Jake met, and how it is far from romantic..haha. I feel like everyone always has these cutesie stories…my boyfriend and I are in the same boat…we don’t even remember meeting for the first time (talk about lack of love and first sight, huh?)

  3. And I’m totally laughing about Luke Wilson. I made no promises.

    I’m slightly envious and frightened of Michelle Obamas guns as well. Girls got canons.

    I met the Hubby in college, my freshmen year in fact. We went out to a club and his suitemate was trying to pick me up. It didn’t work out so well for his suitemate. 😉

  4. Haha Luke Wilson was my childhood crush! I was hooked after Legally Blonde!

  5. Sorry…I laughed :-p my childhood crush was probably Lance Bass…so that wouldn’t have worked out too well.
    I met Eric when I was volunteering and he was working at an tutoring program for youths in conflict with the law.

  6. Ass grabs are the WORST pick up “line” ever – ahem, Napa men! I cannot wait until you tell you future children about the night you met their father 😉 And, I also hope your future babes look just like you – what a little cutie!!

  7. My hubby and I met on Myspace… we are so old school!

  8. 😆 Omg he totally DOES look like a mix of the two! Can’t.stop.laughing. My childhood crush was Tom Cruise when he was in Top Gun… Too bad he had to turn all sorts of crazy.

  9. My husband and I met through my brother. He and my brother were friends first, then we started dating.

  10. Also laughing at Luke Wilson–out of all the people you could pick…

    Also I fully expect to be invited to this open bar wedding. And I may or may not attend solely for the open bar. 😉

  11. Haha-I am sure that was a memorable first time meeting each other then!

    I met my husband while I was picking apples & he had come out to throw out trash while he was at my neighbor’s house. He saw me picking apples & literally just stopped & stared (I was actually shaking the tree to get the rest of the apples down). He finally came over & helped once my roommate and I saw him just standing there in shock….and no it wasn’t love at first sight. I wasn’t interested in dating anyone at that moment, so I sort of blew him off. My roommie had eyes for him though…whoopsies! 😉

  12. I met the person who-was-once-my-husband-and-is-now-a-giant-question-mark at Tim Hortons. I worked there, he came in with his friends and he obviously found me unbelievably attractive in my pleated maroon pants. Rawr.

  13. I met my ex husband at work…he was my boss! But don’tcha go and start thinking THOSE kind of things…he left the company before anything (big) happened! Haha! Course, I guess the biggest part of this story is the whole EX thing…yeah, just chalking that up to being young in love!

    Worst pick up line is most definitely a case of the grabsies! I mean, REALLY? *eye roll*

    And wait…what’s wrong with Luke Wilson?? Better than the crush I had on Mr. Val (I was once a total hottie and now I look like Jabba the Hutt) Kilmer! Lol

  14. Just want to share mine:
    Me and my husband met in a church. Both of us are volunteering in two different ministries. We are mutual frenemies, always fighting for something even just simple things but ending me as the one who shuts up (he’s too rational! LOL) We cherished our friendship until a time came when he no longer want me as a friend but as his wife (cloud9 moment). For pick-up lines,both of us doesn’t like the idea of it since our love expression are both on actions. My childhood celebrity crush would definitely be Hugh Jackman.

  15. My celebrity crush were all those teenage heartthrobs and quite a few basketball players. I can’t recall one off my head because there were soooo many!

  16. Such a fun post! My boyfriend and I met in a very classy way. I actually approached him at the bar, we danced to “Shake That Ass For Me” and here we are 6 years later! Sorry Mom! My childhood crush was Justin Timberlake. I had a picture of him in my locker and that was before he even really became JT! Loved your answers :)


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