April Goals

I’m not a goals person.  I don’t really like setting them because then I psych myself out and sabotage everything and end up elbow deep in a jar of Nutella as I listen to sad music and cry and reflect on my poor life choices.  Not good for my cool girl image, you know?

Usually, my goals look something like:

“Don’t sneeze on anybody this week” (<< P.S. I’m sick again) 

“Don’t fall on your face while walking on flat ground” (<< This happened a couple of weeks ago) 

“Try to make that huge ass bag of frozen mango chunks last more than a day, dammit” (<< Sorry, not happening) 

No matter how minuscule the goals, I still manage to fail at them.  Oops.

But you guys!  Wait!  I’m about to contradict everything I just said about hating goals by setting some goals for April (and the rest of the quarter… And the rest of forever, maybe).

Three goals.  Just three.  I can do three.  It’s like a menage a trois of goals.  Sexy, right?  So sexy.

What were we talking about?

Oh.  Yeah.

1. Play more.

Translation: Do more fun shit.  Go out on school nights.  Like, out out.  As in, out on the town, not just out to Chipotle.  Say “yes” to invitations.  Make plans with people so I don’t spend half of Saturday watching Giada at Home reruns in bed.


From my L.A. trip last week… Yeah, that’s a water bed.


2. Sleep more.

A lot more.  Last quarter, I was averaging about 5-6 hours per night and I spent about a month of the quarter sick.  Coooool.  I’m feeling another cold coming on, so I’m making sleep my friend.  I’m aiming for at least 7-8 hours per night, which I think should be pretty doable… Maybe.


PTFO on Jake’s couch.


3. Move more.

This is my last quarter of having access to free group fitness classes at the university gym, so I’m going to take advantage of them!  I’ll be teaching Pump ‘n’ Sculpt (weightlifting) and Cardio Chisel (bootcamp) this quarter, and my goal is to throw in some Zumba, U-Jam, and cycling classes as well.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.20.32 PM

Sunrise cycle = death.

I’ll let y’all know how this whole goal-setting thing works out.


Do you like goals?  Do they motivate you or freak you out?  

What are your goals for April, if you have any? 


  1. I’m not so much a goal person, means I DO follow certain goals, but I don’t intentionally set them – I think I just don’t like the pressure of fullfilling them on a specific date. But I join oyu on the sleep one!! My sleeping hours are nowhere where they should be and considering I am a mid-thirty, you can definitely see it in my face. Not nice.

  2. DON’T sneeze on anybody? But if you did, you’d make them sick, thus decreasing their study time, thus owning them and coming on top.

    Wait, what? I love your #1. I did that in my final year and damn, it was good. Unstructured plans = 10000 + 1 memories.

  3. I pretty much need to do all of your goals too. Want a goal buddy?

    I need more sleep like no ones business. I need more time in my life to do all the things I’ve been putting off or slacking off on.

  4. Ohhh bahaha, I’ve got the Nutella image stuck in my head. Seriously though..I can’t do goals either; the itty-bittiest ounce of pressure drives me to lunacy! But somehow..your goals and your take on them(must be that sexy effect you talk about) makes them appealing. And fun, yes fun. Love it :)

  5. I always set monthly goals – I like having an idea of what I want to accomplish in a given month. Still deciding on what those will be for April though!

  6. I’m not much of a goal setter, to be honest, but I do have an unofficial list of things in my head that I’m constantly working towards. More sleep is definitely on there… I only average about 5-6 hours on a regular basis too, but I do notice a huge difference when I actually manage to get 7. Now to figure out how to actually make it a regular thing…

  7. Count me in! I definitely was thinking (over thinking) how i need to just follow nikes saying and “just do it”

  8. Definitely play more and sleep more! Make sleep your BFF this quarter!

  9. I’m a huge fan of the sleep one! I do not know how you manage to function on so little sleep. Although I am always impressed on our trips… you’re so awake and alive on 4 hours while I feel like I’m going to die (maybe that’s from the vodka though… 😉 ). And yes, most definitely take advantage of the gym membership!

  10. Sleep is something I continuously try to work on. But, I am also wanting to have more fun and do things with people, so it’s hard to balance both because college kids are a bunch of night owls and I am a tired grandma. Another goal: move in different ways, aka: try new forms of exercise. I was stuck in a rut with lifting, so now I want to branch out and sign up for group fitness classes, maybe swim or rock climb for exercise too.

  11. I love goals, but I love mini, reachable goals. I find if I pick something huge and ginormous I get overwhelmed and give up before I start. But if I pick something like ” Eat one extra serving of veggies today” that I know will help me towards my big scary goal then I can handle it!

  12. I’m really terrible with goals. It’s like having a diet or someone telling me what to eat–if someone tells me to do it, I won’t want to do it. Even if that someone is myself. The problem is that I have super lofty goals like “make the world a better place” and “do something that changes someone” but those are hard to do without smaller goals…

  13. With sleep, I think the key is to have a set time to shut down the electronics. It’s so easy to just be online and then all the sudden it’s an hour later! And um, who doesn’t eat the whole bag of frozen mango chunks in one day? I’d like to meet them and congratulate them.

  14. I’m feeling pretty motivated this month, so I’m setting a few for myself as well. Sleep is definitely one of mine! Others including cutting out dairy completely, going to Open Gym x2 a week and cutting out skin care products (the plan is to help my skin by changing my diet here and there throughout the month!). Its a pretty lofty plan, and I still have to specify everything so I don’t psych myself out, but I’m excited!

  15. My goal for April and beyond is no more salt from the salt shaker! So far, so good, but it is only 3:30pm on Day 1 :)

  16. These are awesome goals – I’ve been trying to stick to the year of goals I set in Jan – March was a bit of a flop so April will be a fresh start!

  17. I am completely a goal-motivated person. I already know that I need to sign up for another race ASAP bc it is getting harder and harder to wake up in the mornings to run without some kind of goal/challenge on the horizon.

    I love your goals – they are all super important ones to remember!! Hope you avoid the sickness!

  18. Can I just say AMEN to all 3 of those? I desperately need to lighten up and live a little more – say yes! And…sleep, yikes! Like you, I average 5-6 hrs. a night. Not good for the whole “healthy” thing, ya know?

  19. I too want to sleep more, go out more, and move more. I have been a sedentary log this past month. Oh man, is that about to change!

    I hope you feel better soon. :)

  20. SLEEP more!! Yes. yes. Let’s baby L know that too, mmmkay?! 😉 haha

  21. Girrrllllll get some sleep this semester! You are such a go getter, I love it. These goals are totally doable

  22. I love the idea of manageable monthly goals! Mine is to read more. TV usually wins at our place, but I love being totally immersed in a book. And sleep, yes, it’s awesome :)

  23. I love goals! They are almost as exciting as lists in a make me giddy kind of way.

    There’s a secret to actually achieving them though. You want to know it?

    Of course you do (maybe). You need to be very specific, create a plan for the goal with hard deadlines and follow ups. For example, instead of ‘my goal is to lose weight,’ you would say My goal is to lose ten pounds this month by cutting out sugar drinks. I plan to weight myself weekly to check my progress.

    Good luck! Here’s to hoping there are no more face falls. Those are awkward.

  24. I used to set these hugely crazy monthly goals for myself and I kind of hated it. I’d remember them for like three days, then I’d forget and feel like crap at the end of the month. Now I try to keep it simple:
    1. Train for my race
    2. Don’t eat like crap ALL the time
    3. Enjoy life

    BAM. Done :)

  25. Those are some great goals chickie! I’m not one for setting goals either, but I will say that I’m trying to do more with my time…as in saying yes to invitations, calling up friends, and if I end up being by myself, doing things that make me happy…you know, instead of just sitting around the house bumming it in my robe and slippers…well, unless that IS what makes me happy because that’s totally what I ended up doing this past weekend! Ha! But hey, I DID make it to yoga two days in a row!

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