Spring 2014 Schedule

Today’s my last first day of undergrad.  Holy shit.  Just for the record, my answer to the question “what are you going to do after graduation?!” is currently TBD.  I have a few summer plans that I can’t wait to share with all of you, but after that?  No freakin’ clue.


Rockin’ my UC Davis tee and some fierce ‘pit stains

So let’s just focus on what I do know: next quarter’s (super easy) schedule!  After last quarter’s 19 units of classes, and 22 units including an internship, this quarter’s 12 units seems laughable, especially since the classes should be pretty easy.  I’m planning on complaining at least 50% less this quarter.  We’ll see how that one goes.

Classes (12 units).

Communication 101: Communication Theories, 4 units

Psychology 132: Language and Cognition, 4 units

Human Development 141, Field Studies with Children and Adolescents, 4 units (<< basically an internship in a 2nd grade classroom; 6 hours of interning and 2 hours of lecture per week)

Work (16 hours/week).

I’ll be continuing both of my jobs… again.  My job at the peer advising office is about 13 hours per week, and I’ll be teaching 2 classes at the gym, but since we’re expected to be there 15 mins before & after class, that adds up to about 3 (super fun) hours per week.



8:30am – 11am > Intern in 2nd grade classroom

1pm – 5pm > Work in the peer advising office


9am – 10:20am > PSC 132

10:30am – 12pm > Work in the peer advising office

1:40pm – 3pm > CMN 101

5:15pm – 6:15pm > Teach Pump ‘n’ Sculpt


8:30am – 11am > Intern in 2nd grade classroom

1pm – 5pm > Work in the peer advising office

7:45pm – 8:45pm > Teach Cardio Chisel (bootcamp)


9am – 10:20am > PSC 132

10:30am – 12pm > Work in the peer advising office

1:40pm – 3pm > CMN 101

4:10pm – 6pm > HDE 141 Lecture


9am – 9:50am > CMN 101

11am – 12pm > Intern in 2nd grade classroom

1pm – 3pm > Work in the peer advising office

Alright you guys.  Here’s hoping this quarter goes by reallll slow, because then I have to get a real job.  Shit.



School talk: What was your favorite class you’ve taken?  Favorite subject?  Favorite teacher?  GO! 


  1. I graduated a year ago, and I’m still working on the “real job/life” thing! Haha. Favorite class would have to be any of my upper level English classes in college…amazing professors, and it was basically my job to read books all the time. I miss college!

  2. Glad your schedule gets a little more relaxed!!
    My favorite classes were German and English literature. And essay writing!

  3. The ‘real job’ issue… Ask me again in, well, a few years from now?! So actually I’m somehow relieved to know I’m not the only one trying to push that thought away a little longer.
    English and – in hindsight probably even more than during some of the awkward moments while doing it – Performing Arts were my favourites. Good to see you’re likely having a less heavy workload.

  4. Great that you’re feeling a bit more relaxed and you’ve got an easier schedule! Weirdly enough, my favourite class in undergrad was the Greek Mythology course I took my last weird. So random, but it was really interesting! grad school, it was Law, Media and Popular Culture.
    And ugh, don’t remind me about the ‘real life’ thing. I’m in the same boat!

  5. Soak up every last minute of college!

  6. That Human Development class sounds really cool–I wish we had something like that here. I’m still in the middle of the absolute busiest semester I have ever had, so I’m just gonna sit here super envious of you for the next month.

    On the other hand, my last final is May 4, which means IN A LITTLE MORE THAN A MONTH I WILL BE DONE WITH JUNIOR YEAR! Which is terrifying but so relieving at the same time…

    • It’s pretty cool, but shit… 2nd graders are exhausting (but also tiny and adorable).

      AHHHHH so excited for you girl!

  7. I bet it’s such a relief that your schedule is now a bit more relaxed. That’s always such a great feeling!

  8. Live it up, girl!! :) And everything else will work out. Promise! You’re amazing.

    My favorite classes were anything Communications and PE related.

    • I looove my communication classes. They’re are so interesting and usually pretty practical.

      P.S. YOU’RE amazing :).

  9. I am so excited to follow as you finish this baby up! Not that I want you to be done anytime soon, of course. Job hunting is the worst but you will feel epic once you get one (also, try to delay the start date a bit and give yourself a much needed break!!).

    P.S. I have a friend moving to Sacramento, so stay put in Davis long enough that I might get to meet you face to face? Or move to LA and I’ll try to get into grad school there and we can meet up for wine time on a weekly basis?

  10. I graduate in may too and want to enjoy summer before looking for a “REAL” job, AHHH!!

  11. Oh goodness – a real job?! Stay in school forevsssss :) But for real, enjoy this last quarter!

  12. I’m graduating in May and everyone keeps asking me about jobs and I just tell them I am going to be a mermaid or a gypsy and travel my life and be happy and poor <–and only speak in run-on sentences.

  13. Stay in school forever! Growing up is filled with bills and responsibilities and shit and you don’t want that 😛

  14. woo hoo!!! you’re almost there :) LET’S HANG SOON. And don’t worry, I won’t ask you what you’re doing with the rest of your life.

  15. Hmm…favorite class…that’s hard…probably teaching science in college. I went to school to be a teacher so we had to learn how to teach elementary science. We did so many fun things outside! We collected bugs in a pond, made ice cream outside in the snow…it was fun! Ha, too bad I don’t even use my college degree…oh well, I love being a full time nanny :)

    • We have that exact class at my school! I haven’t taken it, but it’s offered under the Education department (duh). That sounds like an awesome class, and I’m sure your ed. degree comes in handy with the kids you nanny for :).

  16. Quarters sound so interesting! At Purdue we do two semesters of 16 weeks each. They feel sooooo loooooong. Plus, I’ve also been doing the summer semester for the past 2 years, so that’s another 14 weeks. I am in school for 46 out of the 52 weeks in the whole year. Yikes.

    Your last quarter sounds fun! I would love to be working with kids in the classroom. I am doing an internship this summer with the Wellness Coordinator at our rec center. I will be working on recipe development and menu planning for cooking demos!

  17. I hated school! I am still amazed they let me graduate, I was a horrible student. But I really enjoyed my stochastic operations research class. Probably because it sounded all smart to say.

  18. Oh real jobs…so much fun to find. I’m still rocking my TBD answer, and I’m okay with it! Here’s to a less stressful last few months of school for you!

  19. Gotta appreciate a little Sunny in Philadelphia reference. Here’s to your easier final semester. It’s the last one so you gotta live it up. :)

  20. Oh wow, this quarter should be a BREEZE compared to what you’re used to! Definitely has to help with the senioritis, huh? Wish I could’ve done that in college, but unfortunately, it was balls to the wall from sophomore year on…no fun, just books, and a lot of work…mama had to pay that tuition, ya know! And by mama, I don’t mean MY mom, I mean ME! Ugh, can I go back to school on someone else’s ticket and have fun this time?? Sugar Daddy…yeah, better get to work on that Craig’s List add! 😉

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