Link-Up: 1/24

Congrats!  You made it to Friiiiday.  Can I can a hallelujah?!


I’ll be spending my entire weekend studying (what’s the opposite of ‘hallelujah?’  Because that’s how I feel about this weekend.)  My goal is to get eight hours per day in on Friday (today), Saturday, and Sunday.  Damn you, four midterms next week.  Damn you.  But, in the spirit of procrastination, here are some fabulous links for you to browse.  They’re much more important than whatever important thing you have on your agenda.  Just trust me.


3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Mousse >> vegan! and cheap! hell yeah.

Chocolate Pistachio Chia Shake >> chocolate?  pistachio?  chia seeds?  twist my arm.

Stuffed French Toast  >> [insert ‘stuff my french toast’ innuendo here]

Sweet Potato Quinoa Patties >> perfect meatless monday recipe.  if i did meatless mondays.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies >> because cookies.

Sunshine Chopped Salad with Orange Ginger Vinaigrette  >> perfect for the 70 degree weather here in california.  don’t be jealous.

Avocado Goat Cheese Spread >> super bowl dish?

Toasted Pistachio and Pineapple Muesli >> perfect way to brighten up your morning, amiright?


Removing the Perfect Life Perception >> oh hell yeah.  you guys, please never believe that the things i include in this blog equate to real life.

Blogger Etiquette: Commenting >> interesting discussion!

How to Make a Light Box >> yes!  hey jake, wanna make this for me?


Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.04.13 PM

Little Girl’s Hilarious Dinner Request (Video)  >> cupcakesssss.

What City Should You Actually Live In?  (Quiz) >> i got portland.  what did you get?

The Smartest Things Ever Said by Kids >> oh, children.

Struggles Every College Student Can Understand >> the struggle is real.

Tyra Banks Confirms Sequel to Disney’s Life Size  >> yessssssssssss.


It’s Not Easy for Everyone >> beautifully written post.  simply amazing.

I Don’t Give a Damn >> story of my life.  giving a damn is overrated.

Enough of the Fat Talk >> amen!

The Difference Between Eating A Lot and a Binge >> awesome topic.

You guys, I have no idea why I wrote almost this entire post in lowercase.  No idea.  I was just feeling it.  Just enjoy the links and stop questioning the way my brain works.  I still haven’t figured it out.


Share your favorite links!

What are your favorite kinds of blog posts to read?  I love great recipes, posts with pretty pictures, and when bloggers really open up.


  1. I got Portland too 😉 and you should also do the one In Which Fictional City Should You Be Living In. I shared both in my Thinking Out Loud Post yesterday. Hogsmead for the win! Come and join me for a butter bear!

    • I got Hogsmead too! A butterbeer sounds nice, but after the week I’ve had, I might need a Firewhisky instead ;).

  2. I love bloggers that open up to and not ones that just write about product reviews and give aways.

  3. Great recipes…. great pictures… well you aren’t finding either of those on my blog! :)
    My favorite blogs give real, genuine insight into their lives with a SPLASH…Dash?… whatever of humor.

  4. thanks for the link love!

  5. hallelujah itz friday – amen, sista! :)

  6. I love when bloggers do link posts…they are probably my favorite!

    And I also love WIAW posts and product reviews!

    This buzzfeed article definitely has been the best one I have read lately:

  7. The opposite of hallelujah is FML. Or FMtheMF’ingL, depending on necessary severity.

  8. Best.things.ever. I love the posts where I’m nodding the whole time and smiling or thinking “yes!” Just like this 😉

  9. gosh i love link ups like this, currently seeing what city I should really live in

  10. I got Portland too! Want to be roomies? 😉

    Good luck with all of that studying. It will be worth it!

  11. Great posts! I love recipe posts and inspirational ones!

    Good luck on the studying!

  12. Thanks for the link love girlfriend!

    I love posts with humor (ahem, yours), posts that I can relate to, and posts with photos!

  13. So I didn’t actually take the quiz, but Portland has always been a city I’d love to visit soooo…there’s that, at least? And I’ll be with you on studying pretty much every chance I get–school was cancelled today (Texas is one giant wimp when it comes to ice) so I have a 3 day weekend…for all that studying…yipee?

  14. I love when bloggers open up and don’t act “perfect”. I hate pictures of frozen yogurt. I know what it looks like.

  15. haha, vegan and cheap. Amen! Thanks for the share 😀

  16. Everyone is getting PORTLAND and I love it!!! Best place to live ever, hands down, even though I do love Denver. Thanks for leading me to all these websites so that I can spend plenty of time reading in the blogosphere today….

  17. Duuuuude! I took that quiz the other day and got Portland TWICE! I didn’t think it could be right…so I took it again! Haha! Now that I see almost everyone else got that too, I’m wondering if you actually get anything else…where is the author from? Tricky little b!tch! Lol

    Looks like some good links, lady! I’m off to do some reading! Good luck with your weekend of studies…chew a lot of gum! <- That's code for me saying, "keep focussed" 😉

  18. YAYYY friday!!

    I’ve gots to check these links out!

  19. I like some good truths but also a good workout or workout information. Recipes overwhelm me, so many ingredients, so many things to accidentally catch fire in my kitchen.

  20. Thanks for the shout out, TT- but with the amount of chipotle you consume I think you’re life is pretty perfect. Well chiperfect. That didn’t work out. Fail..

    Avocado goat cheese spread? Um.. no words.

    Stop finding all these ridic recipes!

  21. Good luck on those finals!
    & you always post the best links. So well connected, girl! :)

    My favorite blogs are the ones where the author appears to be genuine & transparent. I love feeling like I get an authentic look into someone’s mind.

  22. Thanks for the link love! And I got Portland – somehow, I think that a lot of bloggers are going to get that one…

  23. All I can say about the recipes you posted is… YUM. What? I need to get in the kitchen as soon as I’m able too!

    Great topics and posts you shared. Thank you girlie. :)

  24. I got Barcelona! Seems I’m an anomaly. I just like your blog posts – that is all. And avocado goat cheese spread- just say yes, cookies- same principal. :)

  25. Thanks for the link love lady 😉

    Goodluck with the studying! It will be worth it in the end 😉 As cliched as that sounds!

    I like a mix of posts from bloggers, recipes, when they open up and anything funny!

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