For the Brain and the Belly

Holy bananas. You guys are amazing.  Thank you all so much for your supportive words, your amazing input, and your general fabulosity.  I read every single comment (twice) on yesterday’s body image post, and each one made me smile.  I love how supportive we can all be of one another and I love all of you amazing people.  You make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Aaaaaaand it’s Friday, so let’s get a virtual hip bump going for that, eh?



You hip bumped me too hard.  Now I’m gonna have a bruise.

I have a confession, you guys.  I’ve been horrible at taking photos lately.  I eat most of my meals at work, and I feel super awkward taking food pics.  Also, I’ve just been hungry so by the time I pull my camera out to snap a photo, I look down and all that’s left on my plate are crumbs.  Oh…

But thankfully, there’s this new invention called the World Wide Web that has so many pictures on it.  Oh so many pictures.  Pictures of cats and boobs and cartoon hearts and real hearts and waffles and pretty clothes.  And you guys!  It doesn’t just have pictures!  No, it also has tons of other cool stuff.  Like words.  Lots of words.  Some are boring words, but a lot of them are real neat.  And so, lucky for you, I’m sharing some pretty cool combinations of words and pictures today. Get ready, my sexies.  Yes, I just called you “sexies.”  Deal with it.

For your brain

1. 21 Things You Need to Know to Survive Prison on “Orange is the New Black”

If you aren’t watching Orange is the New Black, I feel sad for you.  Go watch it. It’s hilarious and beautiful.  I promise you won’t regret it. Also, approximately 23% of BuzzFeed’s articles center around the show, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on those, would you?  Peer pressure. 

2. Heather’s Truthful Tuesday

This refreshingly honest post is what inspired me to publish yesterday’s post.  Plus, Heather is amazing and gorgeous, so you should definitely go read every post on her blog.  Have fun.

3. 59 Awesome Tina Fey Quotes

Because TINA FEY.  Do you need any more reason than that?!  I want Tina to be my BFF.  Teen (that’s what I imagine I’ll call Tina when we’re buddies) is just smart and fabulous.  Plus, I bet she’d introduce me to Amy Poehler.  BFF triangle, here I come!

4. Kenyan 4 Year Old Thirsts for Life

WARNING: Do not watch at work.  Or in public.  You’re going to cry (at least on the inside) and then whip out your wallet.

For your belly

1.Chopped Cashew Chicken Salad from How Sweet It Is

You guyyyss.  Cashews! And mango! Chili-dusted mango! And veggies! And soy sauce!  OMG.

2. Brown Butter Coconut Muffins with Lime Curd from Wit & Vinegar

First of all, Billy is amazing. He’s hilarious and genius and takes amazing pictures that make me feel jealous and lame. But in a good way, you know? Also, he has a dog named Mose.  As in, Dwight Schrute’s cousin.  Be my friiiiienddddddd (Billy, not Mose).  Oh, and don’t even get me started on this recipe.  Like, are you for serious?  I’m would lick that lime curd off of a homeless man’s sweaty ba… uh… feet.  His sweaty feet.  (Although, for the record, I’d much rather lick it off of a brown butter coconut muffin.)

3. Mediterranean Stuffed Squash from Bev Cooks

Ground turkey and chickpeas and raisins and almonds and feta, OH MY!  Bonus, Bev is pregnant with twinnies, and she’s basically the cutest thing since sliced bread.  (<< If that was even a phrase.)

4. Summer Veggie Lasagne from Making Thyme for Health

Corn in lasagne?  I’m in.  I am so, so in. Especially when cheese is involved.

5. Biscoff Cinnamon Chip Ice Cream from Fabtastic Eats

If I get the PayPal account started, will you all donate money so I can buy an ice cream maker?  And then a new apartment that will actually fit an ice cream maker?  I promise I’ll pay you all back in ice cream.

In the comments: Share some link love with me!


  1. I just literally LOLed at ” Teen (that’s what I imagine I’ll call Tina when we’re buddies)”. You are awesome .. I think I want YOU to be my best friend. :-)

  2. I still haven’t jumped on the whole OITNB bandwangon, but I keep hearing such good things… the only thing is that I have this horrible habit of just getting into a show when it’s already a few years old. So… maybe in a couple? 😉 Right now I’ve got either Lost or Dexter to get through.

    Happy Friday! *bump*

    • No. Do it now. I’m not speaking to you until you watch it.

      Geez okay fine, I’ll talk to you again. But still. Please go watch.

  3. Every time you mention Orange Is the New Black I think of White Collar…and instead of wanting to watch OITNB I end up wanting to re-watch episodes of White Collar. (We’re going to have to agree to disagree on the best show ever, btw, because White Collar definitely wins that one. :P) The Kenyan 4-year-old video…errrmahgerd. Marketing done right.

    • Never watched it? Is it on Netflix? If so, I’m feeling a TV binge coming on this weekend.

      • Yup, it’s on Netflix! The main character is a prisoner who broke out of prison and made a deal with with the FBI to work for them in return for not being in prison…so it has the crime/prisoner aspect to it. (Which totally means its basically the same thing…?) Regardless, it’s a great show.

  4. When I move at the end of the month, I’ll have about 3 days without internet…so I’m going to get the season of OITNB to keep me occupied during that time 😉 And going to check out that Tina Fey link now..

  5. Um, Tina Fey. Yes! Have you read “Bossypants”. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I read it on vacation last year and literally laughed out loud the whole time. Everyone on the beach was judging me.

    • It makes me depressed writing this, but no I haven’t read it. I’m broke and books are expensive (and my local library has been out of it). But it’s decided: I’m buying it this weekend. I’m doing it.

  6. Can’t wait to check out these links! Thanks Carly and have an awesome weekend!

  7. thanks for the links :) PS> I used to LOVE that movie, and I may still watch it if it was on!

  8. I haven’t seen OITNB yet. And I have heard so many good things about it. My husband has lordship over the Netflix. I will have to convince him to add that there for me. haha. And now I want to watch The Parent Trap. damnit.

  9. I do not have Netflix which makes me extremely mad since this show is EVERYWHERE.!

  10. Aw, girl…you’re too sweet to include me in your link up! Love.
    I still need to check out that show! I keep hearing about it everywhere so it must be good.
    And I love Tina Fey too- she’s so awesome.

  11. Thanks for the link love! If I could send you the lime curd I would so you wouldn’t have to go near anyone’s bare feet. Also I second the comment about Bossypants. Insanely good.

    • You’re so thoughtful. And I haven’t read Bossypants since books are expensive and I’m a broke college student, but I’m buying it this weekend. I’m doing it.

  12. I just can’t with that gif. It’s the best thing. The other day someone told me that The Parent Trap was on netflix and I almost chopped their head off when I found out they were wrong because I think that that’s a perfectly warranted response.

    • Yes, that absolutely would have been warranted. No doubt. In fact, I kind of think you should actually go chop their head off.

  13. I have dibs on Tina!!! Back off Carly! BACK OFF!

    Haha! But seriously, she is the best! One of my all time favorite celebrities! Also, orange is the new black is utterly fabulous.

  14. Here’s some link love for you Carly! It’s “an Open Apology To All of My Weight Loss Clients” It struck a cord with me and it resonated with your post on body image. Oh and I just wanted you to know that you are seriously beautiful like in the I kind of hate her but I can’t kind of way 😉 xoxo

    • That is a beautifully written post. Thanks for sharing.

      And thanks for your sweet compliment. I’ve always wanted to be hated for that very reason ;).

  15. Oh my goodness! Some of those recipes look amazing–like the cashew chicken!!

  16. I love Tina Feys book, “Bossy Pants”. We bought it on tape and listened to it on a 6 hour drive we had to make one time– she is the narrator so it makes it even funnier!

  17. Hi hi hi. Just came across your blog and I love it! Hip Bump.

  18. I love Tina Fey she is too funny! I want to read her book.

    I just caught up on your yesterdays post, very inspiring indeed and I’m glad you had so much support! :)

  19. I sooooo appreciate the parent trap picture lol! It’s my one childhood movie I never got over…

    Also I need that biscoff ice cream in my mouth now!!!

    andddd now back to Orange is The New Black (3 episodes left ah!)

  20. Dude, when you get all your pity money, let me know because I’m SO coming over to use your new ice cream maker! 😉

    Love all the links (and you are so sweet to include me!)…though I’m deliberately skipping the “your gonna get all blubbery” one. I’ll save that for the next time I get side-swiped by Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercial!

    Oh and as a fellow Orange is the New Black fan, you HAVE to see this:

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