The Weekend Five

Oh my geez, thank you all so much for not disowning me after yesterday’s post.  Apparently, I was feeling super sassy while writing it and I didn’t really realize how awkward and inappropriate it was (is?) until after the fact.  Thanks for listening to me talk about pap smears and vaginas and how fun sexual harassment is.  Surrsly. The only possible explanation as to why you all put up with me is that you’re just as ridiculous and horrible and inappropriate as I am, which I totally love.

Speaking of things I totally love, here are my five weekend faves.  Because I have nothing else to talk about because it’s freaking finals week again.  Three more days…Three more days… Three more days…

1. Jessica’s Thai Turkey Burgers

The moist (that word = barf) turkey burgers, the coconutty and peanutty and salty and sexy sauce, the crunchy slaw.  I just can’t even.  These were amazing times a billion.  Jessica is a recipe genius.  But, I have to say, Doug E Fresh (aka Dad) and I did a pretty sick job of putting these babies together.


2. Skydiving.

Yeah, I’m going to continue to talk about this forever.  My new thing is claiming to be super cool just because I went skydiving.  Like, my mom will be all, “Aren’t you stressed out about your finals this week?” and I’ll respond, “Um, no.  I’m a skydiver now.  I’m like a full on risk-taker, so I’m obviously too laid-back and go-with-the-flow to worry about such silly things as finals.  I have bigger things to think about, like travel and, uh, other adventure-y things.”  It’s really charming.


3. Spending time with the fam.

‘Cause I love them and they’re awesome.


4. Italian nachos.

Kettle chips, gorgonzola, basil, roasted garlic, and balsamic glaze.  Thank me later.


5. Pre-pool selfies (and actually swimming in the pool).

Because I’m a big tool.  Don’t talk to me anymore.  I don’t deserve it. I’m embarrassed.  LOOK AWAY.

Why oh why do I post these things on the Internet? Probably because you need a lot of attention, Carly. Hence the ducklips. 


In the comments: What was the best part of your weekend?  Do my ducklips look super sexy?  (<<<Kidding.)


  1. 😆 I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that, after all of yesterday’s talk, the word ‘moist’ puts you off 😛 You’re fabulous. And those Italian nachos?! Whaaaaat?! I need those in my life.

    • carlyjg says:

      Hahahahahaha, for some reason, “vagina” is okay but “moist” isn’t. I don’t know what goes on in my crazy head. YES, aren’t those the most aamzing thing ever? I want the shake the hand of whoever invented them.

  2. Selfies are ALWAYS important.

    Those Italian nachos look amaaaaaaazing and I cannot wait to try them.

  3. that is SO cool you went skydiving. i could never. my mom and sister went together a few years ago because their birthdays are a day apart and they turned 50 and 18 that year so it was a big thing. all i can say is that i was glad turning 24 wasnt that significant of a year because there was no way i was going to jump from x-thousand feet with them. you. are. so. brave!! oh and now my sister wants to teach sky diving. because OF COURSE. where was i going with this? oh yes- girrrl you have duck lips down pat. you should give lessons.

    • carlyjg says:

      It’s probably because you’re the Louisa of your family ;). Really though, you would’ve loved it. It really isn’t that scary!!!

      And yeah, I think I’m going to start giving ducklips lesson #screwcollege #newcareerpath

  4. Pretty sure that Jessica is a foodie genius, I’ve never been disappointed by any recipes of hers that I’ve made. My weekend was pretty quiet, but taking the pup to the dog park for the first time was pretty fun!

  5. Mmmm…those Thai Turkey Burgers look fab! Spending time with the fam is the BEST!

    On Saturday, we went to a BBQ at our friends’ house and on Sunday we went out to breakfast with my in-laws. It was an awesome weekend!

  6. Your post was so not inappropriate yesterday, I loved it and would totally read another one like it:)
    Those thai burgers!! Oh man, I want some right now. They look absolutely delicious.
    I also still can’t believe you went skydiving. You’re totally bad ass. I would be FAR too chicken.
    And I’ve never seen Italian nachos! So interesting.
    Hahaha, I like the selfie. I totally post them all the time. Shameless in that department.
    Best part of my weekend was grey goose shot with my friends…too much? Actually, it was more fun just hanging out with them, but the vodka helps too 😉

  7. I have to try those turkey burgers.. they are screamin my name. I think selfies can be totally appropriate since we know everyone takes them and just awkwardly has them on their phone – sooo why not share!

  8. Let’s spend another weekend together, like ASAP. AND you need to book your ticket for my par-tay on the 10th – I think you could clear out half of my cabinet by yourself 😉

  9. So I have none of the ingredients for the Italian nachos, but I. Want. Aka you should send me some. Like right now. Kthxbye.

  10. The duck lips makes me laugh. SO HOT! 😉 The best part of my weekend was hanging around with my mom, of course. Nothing better than family time. And I would use the sky diving to my advantage every day, too! I mean, hey, you’re pretty bad ass after all!

  11. Isn’t skydiving fun! It was probably one of the scariest and most exciting things I have ever done. Okay, these turkey burgers sound really good. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I just learned one of my friends has decided to take up skydiving as a HOBBY. aka- skydiving every weekend (jumping 4 or 5 times each day) and on her way to getting her license. Apparently skydiving license is a thing and it means you can jump by yourself. eeekk! Are you thinking licensed/professional skydiver now? ha!

  13. Skydiving looks like such a rush! How in the world did they get that picture of you?
    Those nachos look delicious too.
    You look so pretty in your pre-pool selfie, even with your duck lips! 😉

    • carlyjg says:

      The video guy hangs on to the side of the plane and then jumps off when I jump out. It’s pretty insane.

  14. Omggg those nachos. I want.

  15. Italian nachos?!? Holy smokes!

    p.s. I could never skydive. wow! scary! hah

  16. Wow I cannot even imagine skydiving! That’s such a great picture though!

  17. I need to make those burgers, yum…the words that you hate really crack me up, NUT Butter anyone? :)

  18. hahahaha I for one LOOOVED your vagay talk lol I was cracking up at work :p and I think being a skydiver gives you that right to be considered a risk-taker 😉 keep on braggingggg I know I would! haha!

  19. I love your boobs…er, I mean your FACE!!! I LOVE YOUR FACE! That’s what I meant, I swear! And HO-my-GOD, speaking of face…need those nachos in mine, NOW!! Brilliant!

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