San Diego So Far

San Diego so far, in pictures.

(No words, because post-Fourth of July hangover.)

IMG_1226 IMG_0986 IMG_1059 IMG_1065 IMG_1058 IMG_1309 IMG_1277 IMG_1091 IMG_1313 IMG_1238 IMG_1329 IMG_1137 IMG_1221 IMG_1254 IMG_1158 IMG_1219 IMG_1246 IMG_1245 IMG_1320 IMG_1378

25 Things I’ve Googled

Since graduating UC Davis last year, I’ve been living in the weird purgatory between college and adulthood. (I use the term purgatory loosely, because this purgatory involved living at home for free and drinking a lot of booze.)

I think these Google search terms accurately reflect the line I’m straddling between the irresponsible college student who drunk eats too much Taco Bell and the responsible, reliable adult who drunk eats too much Taco Bell. Some things will never change; baby steps, you know?

On one hand I kind of feel like:


But on the other hand:


Although I am posting gifs on my blog, so maybe I do understand youth culture.  Either way, here is a peek into my Google Search History.

1. What does refinancing a mortgage mean?

2. How to dress like an adult

3. How much should I pay for a coffee table?

4. How to make hard decisions

5. Make friends as an adult without seeming creepy

6. New Taylor Swift song starbucks lovers

7. Taylor Swift age

8. Taylor Swift net worth

9. Successful celebrities under 25

10. Dakota Fanning net worth

11. Average therapist salary

12. Budgeting apps

13. Ways to make money online

14. Ways to make money online with little to no effort

15. W-4 vs. W-2

16. Can I iron silk?

17. What show should I watch next?

18. Bachelorette success rate

19. Words to describe white wine

20. Cheap online shopping

21. Harry Potter quiz

22. Can I go to jail for illegally streaming movies?

23. Unlikely animal friendships

24. Unlikely human friendships

25. How to avoid adulthood forever

Number twenty-five is pretty much why I’m going to grad school now.  Just to avoid adulthood for a couple more years. I’ll let you all know how it works out for me.


“Carly, you is kind, you is smart, you is important.”


What’s the last (preferably embarrassing) thing you Googled? 

The One Thing I Didn’t Pack

Packing for a move requires planning, finesse, and skill.  But I didn’t feel like planning and I don’t have any finesse or skill, so I opted for the alternate route: shove everything you own in bags and suitcases, then use your big ass to sit on said suitcases so they zip up.

I tried to be selective, but I packed a whole lot of stuff I probably don’t need. I packed mismatched socks with holes in them, too-small shirts just in case there’s ever an occasion where I need my boobs to hang out, heels that I’ll never wear, 800 plates (which is 796 more plates than people that can fit in my apartment at once), a tiki bottle opener, and bar soap as far as the eye can see.

There’s one thing that I didn’t pack, though. Well, two things. I didn’t pack contact solution, but I bought some so problem solved, because I’m resourceful and stuff.


But the main thing I didn’t pack?

The scale.

Yeah, I know. You’re unimpressed.  I threw my scale away about a year ago and broadcasted it on the blog. But then I moved back home and figured my family wouldn’t appreciate if I ran around in a crazed frenzy burning their scales, so the scale and I were reunited once again.

Honestly, I don’t care about my weight. I’ve made that abundantly clear. But I did have the option to know my weight at any time, and I stepped on the scale whenever I needed to weight my suitcase before a trip (step on scale; hold suitcase and step on scale; subtract).

But now here I am in San Diego, scale-less and alone. (The alone part is irrelevant; I just thought I’d reiterate that I want friends in San Diego so please be my friend forever and we’ll love each other and hang out every second of every day but yeah I promise I’m not clingy or anything like that, I would never do anything to freak you out BFF!!!!1!!!)

So the scale is gone.


Let me just say, real quick, that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with weighing yourself. It can be a helpful habit for some people, just not for me. Okay. Disclaimer done. Back at it.

The scale is gone and I’m here in San Diego in a new, scary, uncomfortable situation. I have no way to artificially control my life by fixating on my weight. I have to actually take responsibility for my shitty moods; I can’t blame them on a number on the scale. I have to pick out my outfits based on what I actually like, rather than what the scale says I’m allowed to wear. I have to feel my feelings and HOLY SHIT IT’S REALLY HARD BECAUSE I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.


But along with those overwhelming responsibilities (i.e,, dressing myself and feeling emotions) comes freedom. Freedom from numbers and freedom from my own expectations. Freedom from comparison. Freedom to experience cool life shit and shitty life shit without my perception of my weight getting in the way. Freedom from my own self-hate. Freedom from my own dicky thoughts and pinching my stomach fat and crying way too much.  Freedom.

It’s a beautiful thing.



The only real downside is that I can’t weigh my suitcases so I’ll probably pay a fortune in oversized luggage fees. A small price to pay (about $50) for freedom.

Apartment Tour

So I’ve been in San Diego for nearly a week now and I’m already starting to feel settled. My apartment is incredible; I love the layout, the location, and I’m super proud of the decorating skillz I used to make it extra beautiful. I spent months surfing the ‘net for kickass pieces and I’m so happy with how it all came together. So now I’m inviting you into my new pad.  Make yourself at home.  Bathroom is right over there, wine is in the fridge, and the remote is on the coffee table. I only get about 6 channels, but I hear the Home Shopping Network is scintillating.

Let’s start with my favorite room in the whole place: the living room.

I based my living room off of this one right here, except my furniture was more budget-friendly (no $1,000+ chairs for me, thanks). It was nice to have a template to base my design on, especially because it gave me more confidence to mix colors and patterns.

Living Room

First, let’s check out a few before pictures…

IMG_1005 IMG_1002 IMG_1048

And now the after.

Drumroll, please…

IMG_8090 IMG_8103 IMG_8101

Here are some side-by-side before and afters for dramatic effect.

PicMonkey CollageBefore and AfterBA

I would spend all my time in the living room if I didn’t need to make food and pee and sleep.  Fuck you, Basic Human Needs.


The desk area is pretty much connected to the living room and kitchen, but I used a different color scheme (if black counts as a color scheme) to visually separate it.



And after:



The kitchen was pretty sick (good sick, not bad sick) to begin with, so I didn’t have to do much to spruce it up. The only problem? There wasn’t tons of storage for all my pots/pans/bowls/plates/etc PLUS food space, so I got some cute jars to house dry food, like pasta, almonds, chia seeds, flour, sugar, and rice.




IMG_8133 IMG_1155

I got jars at Ikea, Home Goods, and Target, all for around $5.



I wanted to keep the bedroom simple. It isn’t huge, so instead of a dresser I just put bins in the closet. I love the fresh, airy look of whites, beiges, and blues.




IMG_1171 IMG_1166 IMG_1174

That canvas above the bed? Thirty bucks at Home Goods. Lucky find.



The bathroom. I got that little shelf thing at Target for some extra storage space, plus hooks to hang my pathetic jewelry collection.





Full disclosure? I took down the #selfie picture of my family on the right. It felt like they were all staring at me while I sat on the toilet. And while I appreciated the smiling looks of encouragement, it got a little weird.

IMG_1185 IMG_1115 IMG_1188


Two chairs and a table. Nothing too crazy. I do keep my basil (whom I named BAEsil) out there during the day so it can get some sun.




Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.19.30 PM


Because I want to show you more pictures.

IMG_1114 IMG_1144 IMG_1179 IMG_8060 IMG_8062 Flowers IMG_1150

God I feel like such a grown-up sharing a whole post on home decor. Now I just need to figure out how taxes work…


What’s your favorite style/color scheme for home decor?

Also, just comment if you want to know where anything came from!  

Survey Responses

Hey everyone!  Thank you all for taking my blog survey.  I got some great feedback from a whole bunch of you.  I’m excited to begin revamping Snack Therapy and this survey gave me a great jumping off point.

So… The results.

You’d like to see more posts on:

1. Body Acceptance

2. Day in the Life

3. Intuitive Eating

You care less about:

1. Fashion

2. Beauty/makeup

3. Grad school

You’re all hella smart. I know nothing about fashion or beauty (or grad school, for that matter). It was a trick question.  You all passed.

And, surprise surprise, you hate sponsored posts. Yeah guys. Me too.

49% of you said you’d totally watch Snack Therapy vlogs! Another 22% of you were indifferent. The final 29% were not impressed with the idea; this group said they probably wouldn’t listen to my annoying voice on video.  Again, good choice.  Though I can’t promise I won’t try out the video blogging thing.  I won’t be mad if you don’t watch, I promise.

And finally, the comments. You all said lovely things, so thanks for that. One suggestion I read was to “stop being such a lazy biznatch and start posting on a regular basis,” except put much more eloquently. I completely agree. Another commenter said that (s)he enjoys the photo-heavy posts a lot less, which makes sense, since I’m no photographer.

So, in summary: More posts on confidence and eating.  No posts on fashion or beauty.  Post more often.  Write more words.

Got it.

I’m planning on spending the next 2ish weeks coming up with material and maybe some semblance of a schedule.  I just need some time to adjust to San Diego (apartment tour post coming soon) and then it’s back to blogging.  YES.  I’m ready. I hope you are too.


Add any more suggestions in the comments!  All are welcome!

Intuitive Eating Tip #6


Simplify Your Life (and your social media feed)

Delete, delete, delete.

Unfriend the bitch from high school who posts stupid inspirational quotes that make you feel like the least inspired person in the world.

Unfollow the workout goddess who makes your daily walk feel completely lame.

Delete the person whose Instagram posts convince you that your diet choices are bad because you aren’t eating #paleo or #clean or #onlymeatfromorganicfreerangegrassfedcowsraisedinswitzerland.  It’s not that their diet choices are wrong, it’s just that you shouldn’t be following anyone who makes you feel unhappy with your own. Inspiration is one thing. Feeling bad about yourself is another.

Get rid of anyone who makes you feel shitty or stupid or worthless.  Once you stop comparing yourself to everyone else, your life will be a happier place. And if I’ve learned one thing about intuitive eating, it’s that when we’re living happy, full, kickass lives, we don’t really need food to fill the void (#twss?).

Let’s Have Happy Hour #6


If we were at happy hour, I’d order a vodka cherry limeade.  The waiter would be all judgmental and say, Um, Miss, we don’t make those here.  Then I’d feel kind of embarrassed and just get a glass of the house wine or something.  But then I’d tell you, No!  That drink is a real thing!  I had one at a bar just the other day and it was so obnoxious and sweet and amazing.  I’m remaking it at home.  You’re invited.  Prepare for the massive sugar hangover the next day.  Trust me, it’s worth it. 

If we were at happy hour, you would start tearing up.  Because I’m moving tomorrow.  And you’re gonna miss me.  Because we’re best friends and you love me and think I’m the baddest bitch you’ve ever met.  Then I’d start crying too and the judgmental waiter would glare at us with his stupid eyes and laugh about us with the hot waitress he’s trying to impress.  Stupid judgmental waiter.

If we were at happy hour, I’d change the topic to something lighter, like Orange is the New Black.  Have you finished it?! I’d ask.  You’d tell me that no, you haven’t, because you have a real life and everything.  Wow, what’s that like? I’d wonder.

If we were at happy hour, you’d have to listen to me talk about my grad school classes. Online classes started while I was in Hawaii and it’s been much busier than I expected.  I’d tell you that I’m already learning a lot and that these classes make me even more sure that I made the right decision.

If we were at happy hour, I’d tell you to follow along with my move on Instagram.  You’d say, I don’t follow you on Instagram.  And I’d be all like, WHAT?!  How are we even friends?  Dude, get on it.  You’d comply only because you felt uncomfortable, not because you actually cared about what I was posting on social media. Whatever.  I’ll take it.

If we were at happy hour, I’d give you a huge hug, maybe an ass grab, and tell you that I’ll see you soon.  Because I will, right?


Have you finished OITNB season 3?  Let’s talk about it.

Do you live in San Diego?  Or know anyone who does?  Hook a sister up, okay?

Maui Restaurant Guide

I consider myself something of an expert on the West Maui (Ka’anapali, Lahaina, Kapalua) restaurant scene. Here are my favorite restaurants in no particular order, just in case you ever find yourself stuck in Hawaii with no idea where to go eat.  Because that happens all the time.

Hula Grill

Food: 8/10

Ambiance: 10/10

Right on the beach, with sand instead of real floor, and live music.  The food is good, the drinks are great, and the view is kickass, especially at sunset.  It’s located in Whaler’s Village, which is a short walk from most of the hotels on Ka’anapali beach.

Pictured here: Strawberry Vodka Lemonade and a Margarita > Kahlua pork sliders on taro buns



Food: 7/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Right next to Hula Grill, so similarly awesome views (minus the sand and live music).  The food is tasty, but not as good as Hula Grill in my opinion.  The Hula Pie is a must-order here: Oreo crust, macadamia ice cream center, fudge top, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.

Pictured here (clockwise): Lava flow > pita with macadamia, red pepper, and edamame hummus > Maui onion + strawberry salad with papaya vinaigrette > Hula Pie


Star Noodle

This Asian-fusion restaurant is tucked away in a pretty industrial-looking area.  The noodles are great, though.  I’d recommend getting take-out for lunch and eating it by the pool.  It’s perfection.

Food: 8/10

Ambiance: 5/10

Pictured here: Chicken Pad Thai


Sea House Restaurant

Food: 9/10

Ambiance: 10/10

Located in a gorgeous cove of Napili Bay, Sea House boasts a pretty sick breakfast menu.  They have everything from the basic eggs and bacon to fancy macadamia nut pancakes to local favorites, like fried rice and loco moco (white rice, hamburger, brown gravy, and a fried egg).

Pictured here: Loaded breakfast potatoes


Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop

Food: 9/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Leoda’s is definitely off the beaten path but SO worth a trip, especially for the pies.  I found the lunch menu to be average, but the desserts are some of the best I’ve ever had.

Pictured here (clockwise): Mac & cheese > Philly cheesesteak > veggie sandwich.

On bottom: Chocolate macadamia pie > key lime pie > banana cream pie > coconut cream pie

Leodas Pies

Shark Pit Food Truck

Food: 10/10

Ambiance: 4/10

The food.  OMG the freaking food.  This may have been my favorite meal of our entire vacation.  It’s located in a dusty parking lot surrounded by little buildings and grocery stores, but it is SO worth a trip.  They have an Asian-inspired menu, but also include things like burgers and veggies.  Also check out the little lemonade stand set up right next to it.  They have tons of fresh flavor combos (god dammit that’s good… shit that is fresh).

Pictured here: Furikake corn > ground beef tacos

On bottom: Cucumber mint lemonade.

Shark Pit IMG_0435

Lahaina Fish Company

In downtown Lahaina right on the water, Lahaina Fish Company is in an absolutely stunning location.  Get a table on the second floor outside and you’ll have a perfect view of the ocean.  I don’t love fish, so I ordered a chicken dish.  Honestly?  It was so-so.  Everyone else unanimously loved their seafood dishes, though!

Food: 7/10

Ambiance: 10/10

Pictured here (clockwise): Macadamia crusted mahi > Ono with potatoes and kale > chicken piccata (bleh)



Yes, I’m talking about the chain restaurant.  It still deserves a mention though, because the food was great.  Roy’s overlooks the golf course so it’s a pretty nice setting. This may have been one of my favorite meals of our trip.  Oh, and the cocktails?  On fleek.

Food: 9/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Pictured here: Burrata with heirloom tomato salad > seafood appetizer canoe for 3 > banana crisp > chocolate soufflé

IMG_0422 IMG_0424 Dessert

Sale Pepe

Food: 9/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Yes, Italian food in Hawaii.  Yes, I’m telling you to eat pizza and cheese and pasta and chocolate and then go put a bikini on.  Shut yo damn mouth about your “bikini body” and eat your food in silence because this shit is top notch.  Sale Pepe is a fairly new addition to downtown Lahaina and it’s not located on the water, but it is adorable inside and the owners are legit.  Most of their ingredients are imported from Italy (idk why that makes it better, it just does), all the pastas are made in-house, and the ingredients are fresh and delicious.  I took off one point because I thought the pizzas could’ve been crispier on the bottom.  Personal preference.

Pictured here: Caprese salad > pizzas > fresh pasta with spinach pesto and ricotta > lasagne > Nutella pizza rolls

IMG_0129 Pizza Pasta



What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten on vacation?  Although I love the food in Hawaii, my favorite vacation food is definitely from Thailand.  You just can’t beat an authentic yellow curry.

Intuitive Eating Tip #5


Wear Clothes That Fit

What the hell do clothes have to do with food, right?  I mean, technically food and clothes don’t really have much in common.  One tastes delicious and the other one really doesn’t (unless we’re talking about edible undies here, but still).

But I’ve found that there is a correlation between food and clothes, aside from the edible underwear thing: getting rid of the clothes you know you likely never fit you again frees you from the pressure to lose weight, which allows you to focus on feeling good.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight.  But if you want to break the diet mentality and focus on improving your relationship with food, holding onto the 00 low rise American Eagle jeans and the XXS Bebe T-shirt (hawt) isn’t going to do your mental state much good.

Stop squeezing yourself into the shit that doesn’t fit you and go buy some real clothes that do.  It’ll make you feel better.  It’ll make you feel prettier.  It’ll make you want to take care of yourself.

And also it’s an excuse to go shop, so you’re welcome.

Snack Therapy Survey

Hey guys.  I put together a short (5 question!) survey about Snack Therapy.  Once I move to San Diego (in 9 days, haven’t started packing, fuck), I’m planning on putting more time and energy into the blog.  And I want to know where that time and energy should go.  Help me out?  It’ll take less than 60 seconds, hand to heart.

It’s completely anonymous, so be honest!

Take the Snack Therapy survey here. 

Thanks!  You’re all rawkstars4lyfe.



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